NTM Inc. Manufacturing Facility

About Our Company

NTM Inc. is located in Elroy, WI. The main molding plant consists of 35,000sq ft of manufacturing space with an addition molding plant with 32,000sq ft. and 4 warehouses.
With 24 injection molding presses ranging from 50 – 2,200 tons NTM Inc. manufactures a wide variety of products including electrical and lighting components, automotive aftermarket items, medical metering machine components, hardware items and housewares. About 98% of our manufacturing is done in the USA. However with our facilities in Asia we are able to we source almost any component needed for your project. We are very competitive on tooling, metal stamping, sewing, labor intensive decorating and or assembly, pour molding and casting of resin figurines.

In 2008 NTM erected a new 25,000sq ft. building to house a 2200 ton Cincinnati Milacron machine. In spring of 2010 we added an 8,000sq ft. addition on to that building. The site is prepped and ready for up to another 75,000sq ft. of expansion. Who knows what the future may bring.


NTM Inc. works with a wide variety of resins as well. Including (but not limited to) PBT (filled and unfilled), Polycarbonate, ABS, Urethanes, TPO, TPE, Styrene, Polypropylene. Polyethylene, Nylon (filled and unfilled) and many specialized alloy materials.

What's New

Due to the fact that NTM has Nondisclosure agreements with most of our customers we are prohibited from posting many of our new projects on line. Many of our projects that are in the works or recently completed are in the patent pending stages. We hope to be able to direct you to a retailer near you to see some of the items first hand.